The QIK-1ST First Slalom Trainer is designed for the junior paddler that wants a competitive edge.

Shorter and narrower then the full size QIK allows the paddler to use their smaller frame to their advantage.

A true aid to performance!

  • Length : 3mtrs
  • Width : 52cm
  • Optimun Paddler Weight : 40-55Kg


  • Diolen Competition from £400
  • Hybrid Premier from £500
  • Carbon Team (Hull +) from £600

All prices exclude VAT, current rate @20%.

All prices are for clear hulls and single standard colour deck. Additional or Non-Standard colours from £30 each.

Standard Colours: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Grey.

Non-Standard colours: Yellow, Purple

Customised Colour Patterns - Price on request, based on design supplied by customer.