Labyrinth Cave has a number of options to enhance the experience.

These are features or activities that can be added to the Labyrinth Cave to create a different perspective or challenge to enhance the whole experience.

Bungee extreme: – a section of cave criss-crossed with 8mm bungee to form a challenging spider’s web to crawl and squeeze through.

Find a clue: – a series of shape or pictures on the walls and floor each with a separate number.  Each cave dweller is given a slate/ tablet that either shows the picture or number and they have to match them up and write the correct number or draw the picture on the slate, we can provide a combination of slates so that each child has a different combination, the slates are wipeable and come complete with a pencil and sharpener attached to the board.

Education: – the walls and floors can be impregnated with a time line that is fixed within the laminate meaning that it can’t be removed or changed by mischievous hands.  The slates can be provided with question and symbols to challenge young people while in the challenging environment of the cave system.

Don’t slump in the sump: – an area of the floor has been removed and replaced with a sunken section that can be filled with muddy water making the experience more realistic.  Beans, custard and balls are some other options.

Mist: – any number of fine mist sprays can be added into the roof or wall sections to dampen the caver during  their  journey.

A tight squeeze (roof fall):- this 4’ section can be filtered into a straight section of the cave and imitates a rock fall or roof collapse reducing the crawl space by half for the section.  It is only advisable to place this section into the cave if the group you have are confident or have used the cave before.

A tight side squeeze: – again this is a 4 section but squeezes in from the side reducing the width by half.  For confident cavers only.

Double the fun: – design the system so that 2 trailers can be placed end to end and fixed together to create a massive complex with all the added features you will never want to come out.

Chimney and slide:- an 8 ft high chimney climb with awesome death slide at the top to bring you back to ground level.

Starlight: – LED/ lights illuminates the roof and sides of the cave.

Crawl and talk: – the use of  walkie talkies to map the route through the cave and then blindfold another caver to guide them through the cave using the map.

Sponge ball sump: – an 8 ft section of double height cave with a ball pit of sponge balls to swim through.

Helmets and torches can be provided.

Other extras are under development