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The  Labyrinth Cave with improved caving System, more authentic appearance and new options including the Traverse Wall with Large Volumes.

Labyrinth Cave


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Welcome to the Labyrinth Cave web siteLabyrinth Cave 2013 Model.
The Labyrinth Cave was launched at the very successful Outdoors Show at the London ExCeL. With improved caving system, a more authentic and pleasing exterior and option of a 6ft traverse wall.


LabyrinthCave201313Labyrinth Cave is a transportable, artificial cave system fitted to an 8ft x 20ft towable trailer. The Labyrinth Cave has around 100ft of twist, turns and dead ends built over 2 levels of uneven, rock like tunnels 24” x 21”.

Labyrinth Cave presents a challenging environment, the tight turns and squeeze areas means the system has to be crawled through commando style, or if you are small enough, you may be able to do it on your hands and knees.

From the beginning you are plunged into a world of total darkness to seek the single exit point. From an operators point, there are a number of quick release ‘blanks’ that act as emergency exits if neede. The blank panels can also be removed to flood areas with light to reassure the occupants that may become worried or to build confidence to encourage entry into the Labyrinth Cave.

Labyrinth Cave is suitable for all ages and abilities, equally as challenging for individuals or groups whether it’s for outdoor activity centres, shows, corporate events or even private parties.